Sunday, March 20, 2011

At the Side Lines of War

Our hole is currently at war. We're not the ones at war, but we were going to log on to do some sites when Ornisk swoops in cloaked and checks his scan... To find about 20 to 30 ships hitting the two PoS's we were looking at the night before. They don't seem to be putting up much of a fight. Ornisk dared to fly up to one of the PoS's [rather stupidly I might add, and was pointed out] and discovered this sight too.

So they seem to be getting taken out of their hole. This all happened on Saturday, and I'm assuming with the stations in reinforce, they'll be back today or Monday to finish it off. I wonder if they know what they might get! We've seen a carrier on scan at least. I'm sure there are some other fancy ships in those hangars, because I saw some x-large construction yards and standard large construction yards. I'm sure they're making their monies worth.

For now we wait, me a bit impatiently, to see when the next window is to play. I saw core probes out earlier, and I'm hoping they didn't decide to clean out the space while they wait out the reinforce times, but it makes sense. There were Orca's involved too!

What have I learned? Well, I might actually try and get some 300KM safe points on all PoS's in system so I can keep an eye on wars that are happening, if this ever happens again. I'd love to take some screen shots of activities going on, and document it. I'm just a little terrified to do so in my 500m isk T3! We'll see how it goes though.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Challenge

And so we continue onward. It's been a couple of days really. As Ornisk, I watched our class 2 every night just trying to figure out what was going on. There were 7 sites left, and every time someone warped in to run them, someone else would come in after and crush them. Dotlan constantly showed kills matched with NPC kills. Someone was hunting.

This is kind of nerve wracking for me, I'm not the PVP'er and enjoy my PVE content uninterrupted. That isn't to say I'm naive either. I'm well aware of the dangers out here and I've already committed my assets to the possibility of being entirely wiped off the face of EVE. It really sucks to think of it that way, but that's just how these things go. Despite that, I'll fight tooth and nail if I have to in order to defend what little it is we have with us. If that time comes. Secretly, I hope it doesn't.

In the down time I managed to find a Radar site, and when no one replied to the email, I went and did it myself. I earned 107 million isk that night. I'm rather surprised at how much I made off of one site. In my adventures, it seems to have been very on and off. Hit or miss. Some times we make a bucket load off of 5 sites, other times we make that same bucket load in 10 to 15 sites. So wierd. We hope that C3's will bring us better rewards however.

We finally found a suitable C3 though to hop into. It has a plethora of sites to run and that made me happy. It had been a while and I was getting rather grumbly about it. I think the rest of my crew can attest to that! We'd find a perfect site, but either our hole or the other hole would be too hot to move all our stuff. That or someone in the team just wasn't capable of making it out.

I originally thought it pretty safe, but when I called everyone in to make the move we found a carrier lurking on scan. That's a pretty terrifying thought to me at least! Though after checking out the PoS's in the system, we have the feeling this is a corporation that's here building the carriers. Heh, maybe we can purchase one off of them with all the loot we gather!

Either way, we're here to stay now. There's about 10 sites out there to run. With the four of us, they should be pretty quick even though they are C3's. We're looking forward to the challenge of the new wormhole. If we find this to be far to easy, we may start considering C4's in our searches for homes to scavenge for sleeper parts. Baby steps though... Baby steps.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watching Dot Lan

Finding a new home isn't easy. Several factors kind of bully their way in on the hunt for a new place to call home. The current hole we're in has a static high security exit, and C3 exit. We as a team, are banking on that C3 exit being something worthwhile to tackle.  The times that C3 leads to an unknown space I deem worthy of our presence, currently seems a little rare. The times it has been a sight to see, which is only once so far, there were battles occurring in our current space and we as a team felt it risky to move.

I did manage to get one more fleet mate in! He had to jump through nineteen hoops to get to our high security static, but he made it. So now with four people, we'll hopefully be a team to contend with. This should make the C3 coming up a bit easier to handle. We'll see how it goes.

Watching Dot Lan can be interesting too. Today I did a scan immediately and saw a drake. Later, I saw a Stiletto!  Eventually with a refresh of the Dot Lan web page, I'd find that there were two kills. I suppose whoever came into our used home was hunted down and shot full of holes. They'd killed around 50 NPC's before being riddled with holes. I'm kind of curious with what happened. I've heard rumors that PVP'ers will mark all of the combat sites and just warp to them to look for you rather than using probes, if it's their home. For this very reason, I grow shy of hitting combat sites when there's only 5 or so left. I suppose it's a silly fear, but it's there, in the back of my mind.

Anyhow, while everyone else was off doing their thing, I went out into known space to indulge a little. The Minmatar stations are always delightful! Though, their women weren't what Ornisk's eyes were on. I finally gave him the money to buy himself a T3 that he's been training for. Do I feel it's a little wasteful? Hell yes. Do I really care? Hell no! It's actually cheaper than Chioxin's Legion. The Tengu only cost about 500 million ISK tops. It is however, fully explorer fit. I'm rather impressed with it actually, as it has more agility and warps off faster than the buzzard! It gives me more range on my tractors, can salvage, hack, and break codes. This thing is basically my destroyer plus buzzard in one ship! There's not a single gun on it, at least until someone allows you to use salvagers as close ranged weapons. I suppose that day will never come. I can't wait to start using it.

I wish I had more pictures. I wish it were a little easier to take them! It's rather terrifying at times to do so.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Adventure Begins

It's been suggested that we start a blog on this adventure of ours. For the moment, I don't truly know how we'll conduct it! But we thought it would be great to document our adventures in our nomading and talk of our joy. EvE presents us with a great opportunity that not a lot of games do. You can gather your friends, and decide on what your purpose and goal will be! There are many things to do, many stories to tell, plenty of user generated stories to par take in. This, is the magic of EvE!

It's a rough road of course, the game is cruel to many new comers and even the oldies cry over the mechanics it loves to hammer into us. However, who wouldn't love a space adventure? So, the three of us have taken up that idea and we are going to try and live it out! We take some inspiration from Battle Star galactica in our approach to this, as we enter the unknown territory. Let's discuss why we decided upon this, rather than the traditional "Set up a PoS" approach we've read a lot about though.

We have many friends that want to partake in Wormholing, and ideally, a PoS is the better solution for that. However, we'd spent nearly a month looking for a hole we could occupy that wasn't already taken by others. Our shiny little eyes were soon growing dull with despair. Well, some of us. Chioxin and Ornisk however, took it upon their own accord to go out and pillage Class 1 and Class 2 holes while looking for that "dream" space from before.

And so an idea formed.

O.R.E. has given us a great ship to use, it's called the Orca. I wish I had pictures of the beautiful beast, but sadly, we didn't think of documenting our adventures until after they'd begun. This sizable industrial capital ship is a great tool however, as it allows us to have a mobile base in space! It's far flimsier than a PoS, and at a much higher risk of being destroyed by just one mistake. It comes with so many benefits though! One very important one being, we don't have to keep it fueled! It has storage, ship bays and fitting arrays, corp hangars, and it can move! So the three of us got together with all of our characters, and we set out in it.

Immediately on the day we were ready, we found a Class 2 hole full of sites to run! So we jumped on it! Sure there was an occupant, but with our new set up, we would only be on and visible when we wanted to be! They would never know! Unless of course they checked Dotlan.

For an entire week and a half we've been farming this site, and for our efforts we've made a combined total of 750 million isk! We've never seen the original occupants, but the lights are still on at their PoS. They must be keeping it fueled. We even witnessed someone else move in on them! Though, neither of us have seen them active. Oh well. We've cleaned this site out pretty good now. There are still anomalies left, but we found a High Sec exit to drop off our goodies at, and have made the decision to move on. We want to try our hand at C3's, and see where this takes us.

Goodbye, J103339, you were a pleasant start to this great adventure.